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Hare on the Heath

by Fay Brotherhood

Painted skies of the day dawn Gazing, eyes hone, On this revelation - To Ives head I’ll go. And lovers will betray, where landscapes do remain, So for us call a swanimote, call justice for my home. Lover of danger, Go there for life, know Moses Narcotic wager, Running from your tears towards your fall. Fire headed servant of your own abhorrence, Children of temptation, fly south hand to hold, Together you will go, as the moment takes its toll And you will fly on fire as your true love swallows tears. Lover of danger, O’er the waste, the Heather bleeds your pain. Bleak as the fog lay, Under peat you’ll bury it away Stood alone you shiver, with the mist wrapped round your shoulders like a cloak (Copper heased warrier of the night your only battling yourself) The fox breaks his cover! Under shot gun, take your chance. Paint me, with safety, Knowing that I’d never fall astray, The mist cloaks the High Tors, Rev your engine, take toward the rocks.
Knife 03:29
Think it's time to take this in my hand, And I know better than the trust your lies, I owe it to myself, And I should take my life, You've played far too many game, And you've betrayed me to face, How can I go on playing safe and stay? You're lying to my face. Justice won't be given to the good, And you refuse to play the rules, Yet I insist on shielding the truth from all who matter to you, Why? I don't know. You say you're lucky for my patience and I mean the world to you, If I mean so much to you then stop lying, Just stop. Why will you not respect the rules, Why do I put my hope in you, Your promises are empty, Your sorries hollow, It's a knife. But having said all of this, I still have hope that one day, You'll find the strength not to lie with them, And hold dear my faith.
Curse this conundrum, we follow, I came by London, to seek out a way, I came this way for a new day, Seeking some answer, and running away. Give me your time and your wager, Why does your heart never waver? Pass on the breadline, to all I know. Under ur great wall Im so small, But I’ll make of ivy, my fingers, Ivy eats mortar it crumbles, I’ll keep on digging, find holes in the wall, Give me your heart and your sorrow, Don’t think too much of tomorrows, Open your spirit, for all we’ve loved. And as time goes past, I’ve learned to laugh, For the things I crave so far away, Foundations laid, you turn away, And as we look away, It's too late, Too late. May you stay safe, May you find faith. I must abandon these morals, May I forget you tomorrow, Cold and alones all I’m saying, Its not just saving your craving, Cold and alone, thats what you said to me, Cold and alone thats what you said, You feel.
Snow Ghosts 04:47
Soft was the run, of a hunt in the snow, Of the craftiest show of the Magpies hiding place, Here by the oak, lined in white of a stoat, Branches reach for the skies, bleeding fire thru the turquoise, Sea, or sky, Let the snow, tell its lie _____ A frozen moment remains, In your eye Where the river ru-uns frozen go wi-ild, Feel the wild and cry Buteo, go Buteo today I found my freedom, Catch the wind in a f-inger, outstretched feathers touch the thermal, Child-ren of the wind come running, tumble round the plateaux, Follow me, follow higher on, the air it whispers , free-dom. Run with me Buck, follow the Doe, Round the coppice, cross the stream, thru the Holly, O’er the walls, to the heather cross the heath, Keep your footing on the stones. Run with me run faster, Hollys singing of the ice, so am I, Lest it never be said, Lest it never be said, Lest it never be said.
Coaldust 04:56
Over sickle, Comes the day when I return, From the fickle, Come the call for all I’ve learned, And the call is all I’ve earned. How many promises, have I broke, To myself, and made a joke, Of the sun? (and I’ll remember your name), Past the scent of the grey. Fortunes tipple, Mark a course, undone in smoke, Playdo’ fibber, Take the future as your bride, On the past you built your fame, May the future mould contentment, Yet the present holds no sway, Upon the man you make today. How many promises have you broke? To yourself, and to your hope? Honey bee come gliding with me – Zig zag o’er the plain. All clagged up with chalk – Come home to pebbles on the clay. And the grey......and the gold? But you know I can’t come back, for all that I love you. Gob fire in the mine, you stand for fire – Not in that town, Summoned by the call, I’ll go on alone if you will not find more with me. The white Hare on the heather told me where to go, Not scrabbling in the coal dust – Vacant gazing at our pints, With all the same old voices, same old stories, same old fights. Sinking with that pit shaft in our small town life. I’ll go on alone, Summoned by the call, I’ll go on alone if you will not find more with me.
Clarity 04:50
Why did you come hither, and disconnect my balance, From the tethered tightrope, I boldly trod alone? Where branches never fall, and nights out hide the war, That ever plagues a feeling I’ve been walking the wrong path. A long exchange of feelings, a common sense of being Of magic in the small hours kindled a troubled revelation. When the morrow comes, I’ll be waiting, to put the pen to pad, And clarity she tells me I’ve been walking the wrong paths. And I’ve only myself to blame, for every long heartache, For floating like the thistledown in times I I don’t belong, Settling for the wrong. Bring it here my clarity, now go and find the farmer Never known more, never asked for more. Plough the furrow, dig it deep, grow this uneasy seedling Should have done more, should have looked harder. Should have done more, tried harder to wake. It hit me like a train how I have wasted my time, Hit me harder how few like us there are And till that night came riding by, I was fine with my life, Hiding under my rock, this was a fable or a saga, Let the falcon from his jesses, and hope the cycle turns back to this, One day. Like a lynx pad quietly, hidden from your meaning, This night I met ye, I wish I never met ye, For suddenly I realised, all in a thoughtful moment, For what I’ve been searching is – The twin I am missing.
It is of whitwick pit I shall now ye tell, All of a night down in shaft number five, Oh in the spring of eighteen ninety eight All over Charley forest, skylarks lament. All for the fathers lost all on that day, All for the sons buried ‘neath the slag, All for the women weeping by the pit head, Today their cries are masked by trolley wheels , The deputy thought nothing of a small heat, All on his rounds down in the main intake road. But later on the deputy Joseph Limb, He found a sight to make a brave man buckle The gob fire rages, and the ceiling caves, smoke curling like a swallow – over the lake The gallant Charlie clamp came back through the fire, All for to lead his comrades back to the sky One lad his father he must leave to die, Find the return airway Find the return airway Follow me from the coalface, Follow me from the fire Hold your breath in your caps lad, Choking through the coal smog. The way is forward but, They fall one by one, Only seven greet day light, Thirty five still lie, ‘Neath Hugglescote grange Entombed 9 bodies were found by the rescue team Banded together, a circle bound. As brothers they sat praying for the light, As brothers bound the lights died one by one.
You wide eyed runner for the moon, Coarse weave pelt, of a hazel hue, Your eyes affixing from the dark, The Hare, the nook a'hides Pity her, I pity her, for wildfires low - A Hare should fly, For together, caged in coal, See eye to eye, our deal with night, And in our boxes, caged in coal - Her need is mine, to fly As I take her in my arms, May fate look kindly on they, Fleet limbed speaker for the gods, Yields quiet to a touch. Now fly - give me a sign of life, Now fly - give me a sign of life, Now fly - over the heather the sky, Now fly - give me a sign of life! Where does she ru-un now? My friend my comrade, My best begotton sailor of her old ship rueing - The storm, You are my storm Oh Charnwood, fair Cernewode when last did the Blue Hare run? Dancing over your rocky slopes, a'hiding in the Heath, Ever forward, ever on she runs, seeking unchartered ground, Racing with the Hare, Upon the heath, Accross the rocks, a flying, Goddess never may we cease, to run the wild hunt. Where fault lines crumble, we will run, Where the greyhound dog will fall, hear the pleading Of the Hare You are my storm You are my storm Take it over again




released October 13, 2010

All artwork, songs, performance and production by Fay Brotherhood 2010


all rights reserved



Fay Brotherhood Welwyn Garden City, UK

Pagan folk songs of myth, magic and mother nature from the lead singer of Spriggan Mist.

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