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Clear Fell

by Fay Brotherhood

Firmness in flux by belissimo, Turgid standard bearer in blossom, To rain, to snow and to war, To show, to go and low, Flaying jealousy in hidden treason, To a partner in war and unbidden trust, The end it is nigh when The questions commence, commencing posession, Commencing the war, Firmness in doubt by this treatment, Committed this night on a shot, And trust based on lust, May we start this quiz on a kiss. Hope is treading the floor boards to danger, In temptation of a gift, And a promise that may prove a lie, And the replay of the sane, glad of a service to you or myself, In a race against the cold nagging of doubt. Show me the day when I learn to let go, When some apathy works for me, Show me the reason I have to go far, for it matters now to me, Hold up my mettle the hostile aware - a moral boundary, Tear down the crippling need for to please, And walk into the fire. When the old play calls the curtain call late, I have a reason - Judgement to define, A confidential preference makes the war no more easy to bear, And I've never yet spoke out for war, I've no faculty in me to fight, And I'm wearing these scars and the magpies on my shoulders in good heart -well in part anyway, if it's always the same Tell me what am I lacking at twenty one to one, To maybe.... At twenty one, to one three maybe, now show me the game, At twenty one, to one three maybe to fail in the game. At twenty one, to one three maybe I have to kill to win, At twenty one, to one three maybe now show me the way.
Of ever burning scandal rose the dead to court the light, By smiling fire this courtesy came coughing in disease, Disarmament, disarmament became the courting creed, Disarmament, disarmament for setting of a seed, And then the crime, my right to raise it up the battle mast, I chose to lay the guns aside, I chose to halt the war, You took the gun, you spat in spite, the gun held to your head, You never took the gift oh with your razor wire grip, You have never learned to love anything, But you have some sense of need for something no girl here can give, Some plaintive searching cry, for buried senses, buried senses x 4 And for my generosity I was rewarded wall, The cut throat scandal of a floor, My head pinned to the wall, Disarmament, disarmament became the courting creed, Disarmament, disarmament for setting of a seed. And so I shot the crime to dust, No eye can cure the eye, From me you call some vengeance to exact upon your crime, For petty retributions I have never had the taste, For crime for blood, for bitter tears, no eye can cure the eye, Spruce, by larch, by pine will fall about your head, Wen your pre destined clear fell comes from hiding with these brambles wrapped around your fists, Find the bluebells, Find the bluebells, With the nightjar, Fly from hiding. From passion came a war between the forest and the moor, Where double ended entities came mocking to the call, Of foresight comes for you a pattern - bleak against the rain, Where all will wither in the sun, to whom in love I gaze. Disarmament, disarmament became the courting creed, Disarmament, disarmament for setting of a seed. Disarmament, disarmament a fox behind the rock, Disarmament, disarmament who next will bear the seed.
Invincible 03:42
Waste to the pavement, Claim haste this assailant, By mildew, to foolproof, and shatter a lie. Shine on invincible, Cry little - cry little, Yours to devour, you wait in the portrait. Mine is the time, Is the time would I wait, For no played the player, You laugh at me why? Seizure of the highest, Freezing up inside, Laughing and laughing, the laughing and why? Trying to be, what you'll never be why? So run for the dark, Shed a tear in the dark, In the tree lined cloud pavement, Shed sparks white electric. Electric electric, The crowd tear defences, down from you, inspired by, The chemical feed. If you see a tear, I'm inclined for to fear, That you'll know me, you'll know me, We can't warrant that, Humanities weakness, Plays foul on this tile, Exposure, fragilities mark on the hide, Hide nothing, yet something, I know I must lie. Remember remember the veins in the leaf, And the weevil that wears down, the blood for to seem. Laughing and laughing, the laughing and why, Trying to be what you'll never be, why? Remember, remember defenses today. Do not see me cry now. You must see a smile.
Best Friend 04:24
Take from me a picture take my story take my silence, Give to me my shackles give me glory give me pain, Wait for me a moment listen to me, listen to me, There’s a silent echo with my rubies cast in flame. You take my sanctuary take my life take my love You take my sanctuary take my life take my love Be here for me and listen, harbour secrets never tell, My friend so sweet you bleed for me in bloodlust mirth you smile See the eyes of a stormy night a stormy life a stormy soul See the blood upon the hands that shackle smiles to guilt You need peace and you need pain to taste your daily bread Do you feel much better now? So tell me why you hate? Glitter in the light of night and glitter ruby red The blade of innocence returns a smile – Hide in grey Fading in the noon day sun the sweet smell of decay That rises in the chill of night – that eats your soul away This moment of solitude so sweet returns today See the reasons etched upon my face – etched in grey I love you my friend my love my counsel my sweet foe, Be here with me, you and I alone let me tell my tale. Alone, alive inside I’ll not survive your love this time, Paper cuts and cat claw lust you hide behind your smile, Someone dares, and no one cares and something cannot tell, In ignorance they laugh and laugh and they can’t understand You can’t understand. (This moment she knows from past experience is an intimate one) Take from me my love, take my shame, take my pain, (This moment she knows from past experience is an intimate one) You are my love, you are my shame, you are my pain, (This moment she knows from past experience is an intimate one) You give me life I am your slave – You are my drug, Sweetest friend, bitter red, will this ever end?
Treading a backward path to the future, Whilst roses turn ugly, In sweet justification, buy friends with daggers, Tones of irritation ring batons about my ears, Somewhat unhinged in the candid facts emerging. Shrouded in ignorance at your own misdoing, Who has the balls to tell it to your face? Forced back into the guillotine hands of children, How I need someones wavelength, twisting sights to zero, Feeling somewhat unhinged in this fore shadow of dread. Double dealing meisters of the highest degree, Shake their posies of crows black nailed, Oiled with a cry. Of jubilation resonant in blood on my pride, The fools costume - I threw out, preferred to forget. Patterns of succession played proud in my head, From barren to thorn led, to green laden canopy, Where I carved my dreaming, built my wooden wall, Cruel forester clear fell - I greet you first square. Treading a backward path to the future, Predicting what's coming. Greet old faces and visit old haunts I hated, Welcoming me back with goading arms and callous smiles, Reverential love for this cruel bargain they are dealing. Oh fate you have stripped me of all I held dear, My allies left behind my granite pillar holds new hands, All the footsteps of four years rewind back to here, On the threshold of a chance to redesign my life. Today I paid a visit to my old friend, She keeps herself hidden and few know of her, She never did too much for my strength of will, I never believed that I'd see her again, Never believed that I'd need her again.
Lightning shatters the forest madness, Clinging to the branch, There's nothing I could hide from you, I'm running from my love, Your questions merit nothing more - holly hide the skies, I've nothing left to hide from you - defend a lonely cause, It is written on the page, This the page on which you lay, I have learned to read the signs, And I know I am right this time, Follow intuition through the fog that claimed your head, Hitch a ride on reverie - the chaos in your hand, Reach a hand then take it back - I don't know what I'll do. There's nothing left to hide from you - magpies call for me It is written on the page, In the effigy I made, Through the bedlam of the day, Running blindly through the rain, Bramble basement. Ailing my fever, my cruel, cruel darling, Where for to ride on this martyrs halo, Images of knives and smiles propped against the tree, When yesterday mattered nettle turn to tone, No matter for I'm hanging with the hangman, Where pressure wavers, Laughing gaily. Shake the visions from your eyes in paintbox hiding, Apathy has strange appeal - who carries half a brain? No one fits my images and no one cares to know, Principles are double edged, Who am I to judge, Who am I to judge? It is written on the leaves, In the patterns in the paint, Of the shells and in the chalk, Of the granite 'neath the clay, Where my tears fall in vain, Marble patterns in the rain, Through the bedlam of the day, And I know I am right this time.
Never never mind, My loving kind, Never borrow, Never borrow, Petal to the hair, Don't sell me the wares, Never go there, Never go. Now fate has gone into the kitchen, left his army, left the stakes left high open for to designate the wastes, You're running high on what you see - and I tell you it wasn't me, And I have nothing left to borrow now. You're running blind give me a sign, Running blind and I am fine, There's no tomorrow now. Run by the wishing well now, Run by the wishing well, Oh divided, Oh as the crow flies, Fall Divided oh as the crow flies, Fall. Hold fast to the chair and couple the dare, Never go there, never go, Finger to a lip, fall sunwise to sit, Never know them, never know. He's left his tourniquet - that's one in there for me, A subtle haze a subtle daze for me to follow, Now we are going for the cage - and how it took an age, Scratched on the pane for me to follow now, My armies gone into the garden, Cut the tree with seed a falling all around, A crimson barricade Run by the wishing well now, Run by the wishing well, Oh divided, Oh as the crow flies, Fall Divided oh as the crow flies, Fall. Divided, fall.
Rut 03:49
On and round the past in replay, Blame it on the fire - Nerves twitching, Blame it on the silence. Giving time to battles past, Shutting out the good - Need violence, Blame it on the silence. When the only way through has to be you, And the bargains made for the dance to portray, So be gone tomorrow to taste your last pill, If uncertainties your ghost's biggest fear. Forced along a hostile shore, Play the piper - Go! Still rolling, Blame it on the silence. So be sure to go with your sane policy, Prosperity mirrors your last key, For a life desired, in youth polished dreams, Send the prophets here, For you. You stand in the light and you'll be lost in your disease, You know of the fortunes of men screaming in the breeze, Fate stands on the rafters of time, hold the sickle high, Left for the harbour on your last shred of pride. Left for the train I'm finding nothing left for me, Just waiting, Waiting for the silence, I'm still waiting, Waiting for an answer......
Eternal Hour 04:15
Endless hour, Tick tock locking clock, Smiling venom, Tick tock seconds dock. Tap on the table, pour seconds on pages, The clock it still sticks while the night lingers on. Endless hour, Tick tock locking stop, kindly kick me, Tick tock seconds dock. Nowhere to hide in my bed or in mind, Taking the path stepping further inside, In gravity in gathering - fury of the phoenix, diversion alone, My clarity, my liturgy, my tendancy for fantasy, And the past presses play. Eternal hour, Tick tock locking clock, bleed the hours, Tick tock seconds dock, Nothing to say in the poem I play, Knock on the door and I’ll tell you my name, And I know the paths well - find a trail of old blood and follow your head, Garnet to carnelian strung up in steel – So pretty draped upon your wrist, Above, so below, lay this crazy paving, A delegation from another plane. Endless hours, Tick tock, locking stop, feel the fever, Tick tock locking stop. Horses hide hamstrings in consequents loss, Meeting with Macha we draw swords in war, Taking the time for to take in inside, Meeting with Macha give into the call And I know the paths well, find a trail of old blood and follow your head, Garnet to carnelian strung up in steel, so pretty draped upon your wrist, Above so below, lay this crazy paving, My tendency plays a sad liturgy, So curs'ed are we as we nod and agree, And the past presses play.
Bluebell, garlic, Oxlip, parsley, Hoverfly and speckled wood, Lead me to the silver birch, Roll and coil through twists of crime, Coil and breathe about my feet, Bluebell crawling- seethe in green. Tears are melting in the earth, I have given you myself, Nature my mistress of pain, Why did you forsake my name, Why'd you take it all away? Running holly, brambles snag feet, Horses, blackthorn - Fly blown, Lead me to the clearest source, Render please these rocks to crumble, Nitrogen about my feet, Phosphorate these roots to feel, Flesh and bone as mind is one, Tears and mem'ries, scoured flesh, What exactly's wanted here? I've analysed each waking dream, Mistress of this torture game, Why did you forsake my place? Why did you forsake my name? Interactions, ev'ry thought, I've analysed and picked apart, Lead me from this scratching match, Hands are cut upon the bark, Clutch for threads in fissures deep, Cracks that marr these making dreams, Why'd you lead me back to here? Tell me what you want from me? Glaciers leave this tired scree, Carved in hollows whilst we scream, Clawing wildly at our cage, Blood is melting in the earth, Why did you forget my plea? Tears are drowning all the earth, Wet rot crumbles stone to soil, Trees will fall and grasses burn, Gorse lit fire holds hostage hands, Why did you forsake my place? Why did you forsake my name?
In the Tide 04:39
Spread out the cards on the table unstable, In sweet perjury you recline in the hiding, That you're only human, And you need someone. When pointing the finger, go fire sensation, And all of the while on this apple you choke, Deluded and dreaming, As bee's swarm by the ceiling. How long will I, have to wonder? And quietly embrace the tide, So quietly I'll face the tide. Keep telling yourself that you're loving the freedom, Keep telling yourself there's no good in the sharing, Of life and feeling, Of flesh and cohesion. And the balloon ever swells close to bursting, The mask it recedes - Go hide or they'll see! Whilst the barricades are up, Hide whilst the barricades are up, Before the barricades are torn down. How long will I, have to wonder? And I know it well enough, Oh yes I know it well enough, Forever. Lost in the tide, you're last in the line, And you have betrayed yourself once again, Lost in the tide and you're last in the line, Last in the line, in the tide, hide the crime. How long will I, I have to wonder? How far will I, have to wander? Before a touch will still the fire, And before a voice will kill the ache... Forever, And ever. You're no more than a contradiction in terms, When born to the twin - it's hidden your needing, And so closely guarded, We all need secrets, And no-one should know that, You could need someone....
Overtures of yesterday support these crumbling walls, Sweep the stage in offbeat timing, The heron plays patience whilst the bull scores the turf, The fly waves from the wings and the man strikes the nail. Born of rock, by shale and clay, the only goal is for to want, Ten steps back in disbelief, the border falls away. Overtures of yesterday lay moss upon the brick, Nutritional investment claims a rebate, The soil in sods so wetly warm - Clay bleeding through my fingers, The fly rests on the corpse, and the man plays to fail. Breaking wave a supercilious smile on the face, Taste the ink and wonder why it only comes in black and blue, Following the play, Wonder why we pray, For your empathy today. Dog upon the Hare, Take me in a snare, When you've got it you'll be gone. Wire mesh obscures each face in which I lay my trust, Behind the mesh i can't see clearly, Try to tear it down it just draws blood and tears the flesh, Shrink from them in guilt and settle for the second best. Call yourself chordata I can't call you this today, Prove you own your namesake - Claw your way out of the cage, I will never rest until there's dirt behind your nails, Let the land lay judgement, are you worthy of your name? Following the play, And you wonder why you pray, For a way out of the race, I could hold the key, If you'll justify for me that you're worthy of your name. Born beneath the bull, I see no proof of that today, Bolt for easy ground not even worthy of the weasel, Where's the dogged resolution that defines the name? Lost to which way now your loyalties have ever lain, You would not be bound, To a present pain, Or the heartache of the day, You'd wait for me a while, Take the chance to smile, If it's true you serve the bull. Overtures of yesterday lay boys upon the blame, Patience from the presence of my meaning, I have time to rest my mind and still put up a fight, But is there any gain in fighting, stand alone as two.
Felidae 04:49
Felidae, this plane of moons, Cattus sylvestris, two in tune, Life on the periphery - in a chosen exile, So loose in the library, encryptions in ribbons. Hail the spiral and she takes a hand, Sweet familiarity - the lady, In flashes of silver she waits by the woodpile, Dressed to thrill and kill. "Cat on the prowl, or a rat in a hole, what do you want to be?" Silver speaks. "When will you cross and greet the dogs?" Edges fray as stories find form, By the campfire cats will curl, Tattoo these patterns into web of the spider, Who nurtures her cocoon prey brethren. Train hurtles on to the center of the web, Who knows but she will the fabric give or hold, In flashes of silver she waits by the woodpile, Dressed to thrill and kill. "Cat on the prowl, or a rat in a hole, what do you want to be?" Silver speaks. "When will you cross and greet the dogs?" Silver speaks. The cackling hyena, snarling wild dog, proud and pretty wolves, Archetypes of contempt, hold the stare and the fox might understand, But cats will walk alone. Now go the worlds my own my lady, and she runs and the pack howl at her back, The corvids come in droves, the jackdaw cackles from her shoulder dressed in black, So wave those scarlet garlands by the night and dogs beware! Cat claw lust in a corner, takes new ground now, Wear the archetype - Reach for flint now, When will the pussycat marry, and meet the wildcat? "Cat on the prowl, or a rat in a hole, what do you want to be?" Silver speaks. "When will you cross and greet the dogs?" Silver speaks, Silver speaks, Silver speaks.


released September 1, 2007

All artwork, songs, performance and production Fay Brotherhood, 2007


all rights reserved



Fay Brotherhood Welwyn Garden City, UK

Pagan folk songs of myth, magic and mother nature from the lead singer of Spriggan Mist.

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